Fun Fact: Morgan Freeman does his own stunts.

Fun fact: this was actually a two story window prior to Morgan Freeman sitting on the windowsill. Once the house realized who he was, it retracted itself into the ground to prevent injury to Morgan Freeman.



Fun Fact: Morgan Freeman does his own stunts.

Fun fact: this was actually a two story window prior to Morgan Freeman sitting on the windowsill. Once the house realized who he was, it retracted itself into the ground to prevent injury to Morgan Freeman.

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kenway said:
do you have any morel inks about what's happening in mexico? im part of a club at my school where we focus on international affairs and problems and id like to present something about it but i feel like i dont know enough yet  


yes absolutely

What is happening in Mexico? 

  • How it began

On September 26, students our age (~19-22) were attacked by the local police and gangs in Iguala, Guerrero in Mexico. They were studying to become teachers at Escuela Normal Rural de Ayotzinapa. I have read many articles about how the students were in the town to ask for money to help pay tuition, to protest discrimination of rural school teachers, to travel to commemorate another student massacre of 1986, etc., so I am unsure of what is what here. But the students were on the buses and police blocked their way to get the students out. When they did, they opened fire on the students at once. Some students threw rocks back in self-defense, but the students were unarmed. Six people died and 17 were injured. Three students died, a taxi driver, a woman in a taxi, and a football player that was just 15 years old (x). The injured were taken away by an ambulance, local journalists came, etc but it was not over as more men came in plain clothes and rifles (x). These men are apart of Guerreros Unidos and work for the Beltran Leyva cartel. The students were forced into police vans and have since disappeared. 43 students are missing.

Some of the students escaped by hiding in nearby houses. One terrified student tried running away, but he was found later yet with his eyes gouged out and his face completely sliced away to the bone. A YOUNG MAN only 19 years old suffered through this. (As a warning, be aware that there are photos online and that while searching deep through articles and tags, they are present.) A survivor of the attack says this is “symbol of the cartel assassins” (x).

22 local policemen have been detained for suspicion of working with Guerreros Unidos. This is how authorities were then tipped on what has happened to some students. (x) (x)

  • The Mass Graves

~ More than a week later, on Saturday, authorities found mass graves nearby that has 28 burned remains with the tips (x). We fear that this may be some of the students. We won’t have DNA analysis to confirm anything for another two weeks, if not longer.


MORE mass graves were found yesterday, but it is still unknown about how many remains these graves have (x). 

Keep in mind that the CITY MAYOR AND HIS WIFE are on the RUN. No one knows where they are. 

We still don’t understand the reason behind this violence. Why kidnap and kill these young men? There are several explanations online, but how do you explain something like this? One story is that the mayer’s wife was giving a speech that day and did not want to be disrupted by the students. Keep in mind that the wife is the head of the city’s family welfare department and also has family connections to cartels (x). There are other alternatives online, but I don’t know. I just don’t. 

  • You cannot be silent about what is happening in Mexico

You can’t. You just can’t. Social media has a big impact and this story has to spread. In the last 24 hours I have seen an incredible boost in coverage about Ayotzinapa.

On Wednesday, thousands protested the disappearance of the students in Mexico.



Amounting pressure is being put on the Mexican government to find the missing students. There is also added outrage and demand ‘to punish politicians linked to organized crime’. It is no shock when considering the police corruption and brutality in Mexico. As Mexico bleeds, we all bleed. 

Americans cannot ignore the violence of drug cartels and place it as just a problem in Mexico. There is too much innocent bloodshed. And because BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars are collected in the United States by Mexican drug cartels, it is a shared responsibility (x). CHILDREN ARE DYING. Do not skim over these articles, do not just read them and do nothing, you have to act and spread the information. Do not be silent. Please, please, please help and pay attention. 


TUMBLR TEXT POSTS (these have better information than I can explain)

If there any corrections that need to be included, please just add them in.

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Wait, Dad, you knew Agent Coulson?!




I was watching Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D the other night when my Dad pointed at Clark Gregg and said, “I knew him, I went to college with him.”




So after perusing my Dad’s old yearbook, we discovered this:




Enjoy this little beauty tumblr friends.

that gif can never be used again because the pinnacle has been reached

I can tell he loves Captain America

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Rulers of 15th century Europe: 1484

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X Isabel

Song: UnknownRadioactive
Artist: UnknownWithin Temptation
Album: Unknown
Played: 587909 times




Can we just take a moment to appreciate Within Temptation’s cover of Radioactive? 

o.o dear GOD what is this musical gift from the GODS?!

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X Music

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Free- WiFi Eduardo Salles

Free- WiFi Eduardo Salles

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duolingo // learn languages for free
rhymezone // type in a word and find words that rhyme
onelook // reverse dictionary
hemingwayapp // check your essay for readability
thesaurus // find synonyms, antonyms and more
planetebook & gutenberg // free ebooks
coursera // free online courses
realtimeboard // a virtual pinboard
pianotte & imslp // free piano sheet music
tunefind // find songs used in movies and tv shows
tothebestof // listen to the top 10 songs of any band or musical artist
omgcatz // download 8tracks playlists
tags.goose // mass tumblr tag replacer
colorpicker // helps you choose #hex colours
wordmark // helps you decide on fonts from your computer
iemoji // copy+paste tool for ios emojis on browsers
simpledesktops & subtlepatterns // simple desktop backgrounds
fount // identify fonts on websites
dafont & googlefonts // places to find lots of fonts
wigflip // pixel speech bubble generator
myfridgefood // check what stuff you have in your fridge and get some recipe ideas
roadtrippers // tool to plan a roadtrip across america
recitethis // turn a quote into a masterpiece
letterboxd // organize the movies you’ve watched, loved and plan on watching
soundrown // listen to various calming sounds


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Leche alta en metal


Leche alta en metal

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Se tú mismo  Eduardo Salles

Se tú mismo  Eduardo Salles

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As an unknown actor in the early ’50s, Paul Newman fought to play Hal Carter, the lead role in William Inge’s Pulitzer Prize–winning play Picnic. But the director wasn’t convinced Newman’s physique was fit enough for Hal, who appears naked from the waist up in most of his scenes. Eventually, Newman worked his way up to the from a supporting role, garnering critical acclaim and jump-starting his legendary acting career. Fast forward sixty years later to another relatively unknown actor, Sebastian Stan, a Romanian import best known for stint as Sigourney Weaver’s son in Political Animals and his supporting role in Captain America: The First Avenger. Like Newman, Stan was gunning for the lead in Captain America, but he was offered the role of the hero’s comparatively less-buff sidekick instead. Judging from the current state of his six-pack abs, however, he clearly didn’t have any trouble convincing director Sam Gold that he was ripped enough for Picnic’s Hal. x

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Exploring Fandom, Social Media, & Producer/Fan Interactions: An Interview with Orlando Jones



Talking Fandom.

I know that I talk a lot on here and on Twitter about how much I love Orlando Jones and I don’t often give receipts.

If ever you questioned my admiration for this man, if ever you wondered why, let this interview be my answer.

From the way he talks about fandom:

Fandom is finding a community of like-minded enthusiasts that vibrates at your same frequency. It’s great to love something, but when you find other people who share that love in its purest expression and you can talk for hours about plot theories, or ships, or the general excitement about being moved to feel based on a creative work—that’s intoxicating.”

This is the place where the disenfranchised and the marginalized have a voice, where they can express their dissatisfaction with the status quo and demand a more concerted effort by the media establishment to improve diversity, to expand beyond tropes, idioms, and stereotypes.”

To the way he admits his own shortcomings:

This past year I learned a lot about the subtle differences in engagement between the platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr) in ways I didn’t fully comprehend before. In the past I had a tendency to cut and paste my social messaging so that it could be streamlined/turnkey, but I came to appreciate the need for customized interaction that is appropriate to each audience cohort.”

I have learned the importance (and value) of being more precise in my language.”

It’s just…amazing.

But specifically, I’d like to express my gratitude towards these two quotes in particular:

I fully expect to make additional missteps in the future, which I will attempt to navigate with sincerity and candor.”

It’s still a learning process but I’m enjoying the discovery.”

Orlando does not make the same mistake that others have in the past, where they think they understand fandom as a whole but continually and carelessly step on our toes.

He not only admits to his mistakes, he understands that he’ll probably make more in the future and it’s something he hopes to learn from.

This is the way the fourth wall should be broken; with respect and with the attitude that you don’t know everything about fans and fan spaces. 

I also think this particular answer, in regards to people trying to dictate what he says in his own space, is important: “I respectfully reject the premise that there are (or should be) any limitations to what I can tweet about. If people don’t like it or disagree they have the ability to opt out. If they choose to follow, then the implied contract is that they take the good with the bad. And if there is some exception to the position I just espoused, I suppose we’ll cross that tweet when we come to it.”

Following someone does not give you some implicit right to tell them what to do; you don’t get to dictate what they say and more importantly, you don’t get to tell them what not to say.

If the bad outweighs the good, well then. The unfollow button was created for a reason.

Orlando Jones is respectful towards fans but he also won’t let you bully him into silence or push him out of fandom. He’s a celebrity but he’s a fan, too, and every fan who wants it has a place in fandom, no matter what their job is.

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Anónimo said:
omg if baby oil dissolves condoms what the fuck does it do to babies???  



This may be shocking, but babies and condoms are made of different material

it’s like rock paper scissors: baby oil defeats condom, baby defeats baby oil, condom defeats baby

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Spain: the Colla Vella Xiquets de Valls castellers form a human tower called a castell in Tarragona. The tradition of building castells dates back to the 18th century and takes place at festivals in Catalonia, where teams – colles – compete to build the tallest and most complex towers.

Photograph: Albert Gea/Reuters

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